Drive-through centre set up to test for Coronavirus in Sheffield

A coronavirus drive-through testing centre has been introduced in Sheffield.

Health chiefs say it is part of extensive plans they are putting in place Nationwide to tackle a range of scenarios as the virus spreads.

There are currently two confirmed cases in South Yorkshire.

Sheffield Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation has said in a statement that a specially trained team will test people who are given an appointment by NHS 111 at a location just off the Sheffield Parkway.

They added: "The person will drive to the location at an allotted time and remain in their car whilst the trained staff wearing protective suits and masks take simple nose and throat swabs.

The person will then drive home, stay in isolation and await the test results. After each car has left, the appropriate decontamination will be carried out to ensure there is no risk to anyone."

People without a car will be visited at home by a specialist team who will carry out any necessary tests. They also warned anyone not booked in via 111 will not be screened.