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Leeds family fundraising for treatment to help daughter with rare condition

Credit: Family photo

The family of a young girl from Leeds are trying to raise thousands of pounds so that she can continue vital treatment for a rare condition.

Zoe Lightfoot has Infantile Neuro Axonal dystrophy. It only affects one in a million children and reduces life expectancy to just five to 10 years old.

For the past year the four-year-old has been taking part in a drugs trial to try and slow down the progression of the disorder, which has had a big effect on her speech and ability to stand or crawl.

Her parents say this is helping. The trial has been extended for another year and now her family are fundraising for her and the charity INAD CURE which supports children with her condition.

So far they have reached more than £26,000 out of their £40,000 target.

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