Harrogate gin company making hand sanitiser asks for help from Government

The owners of a gin distillery who are making hand sanitisers to help fight them coronavirus outbreak are urging the Government to drop the duty on their vital product.

Steve and Sally Green, who founded Harrogate Tipple in 2016, decided to do their bit after hearing about a shortage of hand sanitiser.

They looked up a recipe and found a list of ingredients from the World Health Organisation, and their industry already has access to an abundance of high proof alcohol.

They have sourced the aloe vera gel, glycerine and, after contacting hair product wholesalers, the hydrogen peroxide it needs.

The company currently they pay HMRC £8.50 a litre for their 43% proof gin that they sell, and a hand product at around 70 or 80% proof would see them paying the Government around £25 a litre.

Mr Green said: