Derbyshire Police post video shaming people for breaching lockdown rules

Police in Derbyshire are cracking down on people who are driving to a location in order to walk their pets or exercise.

It comes after cars were spotted at beauty spots across the county, including Cubar Edge in the Peak District.

Under new lockdown rules, we should only be travelling if it is essential.

But in a video, posted on their social media, Derbyshire Police said "the message is still not getting through.

''Travelling to remote areas of the Peak District for exercise is not essential''.

In the video, they show examples of people driving miles to walk their dogs, exercise and even take instagram snaps - all caught on the police drone.

Earlier this week, the Government announced significant changes to our way of life, instructing us to stay at home.

Under the new rules we should only go out for basic necessities, a medical need, to care for or help a vulnerable person, or travel to work (but only where this absolutely cannot be done from home).

These measures are backed up by legislation allowing the police to fine people and disperse groups of people who do not comply.

Now police are making it clear that exercise has to be done from your home - you are not allowed to drive to another location to either exercise or walk your dog.

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