Gym closures: how working out with others can help banish the blues

With the government urging the public to stay indoors and avoid all non-essential travel, the question most people are asking is 'how are we supposed to keep ourselves physically and mentally fit?'

Self-isolation and the closure of gyms and leisure centres do not mean people have to let theirselves go but rather adapt and build routines so a healthy body and mind can be maintained during these testing times.

While many are happy to eat and drink at home, some people are a little more apprehensive about getting an effective workout that will be effective enough to stop weight gain and release positive endorphins to keep their mental health on an even keel.

Gym owner and personal trainer Dave Wright, and his wife Adrienne, believe everyone can get the workout they need at home while also bonding with their nearest and dearest.

The couple from Grantham in Lincolnshire spoke to us on Skype today alongside their children Jasmine, Xavier, Savannah and Gabriel.

Dave created the MyZone App in 2015 while running his gym - Feelgood Fitness in Grantham. He believes it will now be handy in helping people adapt to the current circumstances.

About the app:

  • The app plays the role of a real-time fitness trainer and gives friends, family, trainers, and others the ability to follow your progress, challenge you, tease you and encourage you as they're able to see how much effort you put into each workout.

  • Each workout is tracked via its MZ-3 heart rate monitor, which boasts a heart rate accuracy of 99.4% so you can be sure to rely on its data.

  • Features like Zone Match also suggest workouts if you're struggling for ideas and lacking inspiration. Simply set a time duration and then choose your preferred cardio experience.

  • Throughout the workout, you will receive live feedback informing you how well you are matching the designated zones. At the end of the workout, you will receive a personal percentage score to continually help gamify your Myzone experience.