Pride in Hull has launched its bid to bring EuroPride - the biggest LGBTI celebration in Europe - to the city in 2023.

EuroPride takes place in a different host city every year, attracting hundreds of thousands of attendees from across the continent - and world - to celebrate all things LGBTI.

In addition to the traditional Pride festival event and parade you might expect, EuroPride also incorporates an opening and closing ceremony, an HIV vigil, and a human rights conference along with an expanded programme of LGBTI events and activities.

And if Hull is successful in its bid, the organisers are planning a year of activity to take place across the city in a rainbow-strewn echo of the Hull UK City of Culture 2017 - the year which also saw Hull named as the first ever UK Pride.

Pride in Hull has hosted events in the city to celebrate the LGBTI community since 2001, growing from initially a small crowd in Queen’s Gardens to a major festival, drawing in tens of thousands of people from across the UK, with more than 50,000 celebrating in 2019.

Credit: Pride in Hull

The chosen host city is one that has a proven track record in holding LGBTI events, and after the runaway success of Pride in Hull being UK Pride in 2017, there is a quiet confidence that Hull could be the city of choice come 2023.

Matt Walton, chair of Pride in Hull, believes there’s never been a better time to stand up and throw a hat into the ring to host EuroPride in 2023. He said:

EuroPride is such a huge event, bringing thousands of people to its host cities, and we believe that Hull is ready to shine as the hosts of EuroPride.

Matt Walton

Pride in Hull’s official letter of intent to bid to host EuroPride 2023 was submitted on March 31 and a full bid will be submitted in June, with a decision expected at the European Pride Organisers Association AGM in Oslo this October.