Councils' plea for residents to avoid 'spiralling waste' during coronavirus outbreak

District councils have issued a plea to residents minimise their household rubbish over concerns that the coronavirus pandemic will cause a "spiralling of waste".

The District Councils Network, which represents district authorities across the country, said it fears the pandemic will lead to a "wave of waste" in the coming weeks with families staying at home.

It added that, while it was pleased that people are staying safe at home, residents should work with local councils to manage bin collections.

The network also urged against burning of any waste on bonfires.

Councillor Dan Humphreys, District Council Network Lead Member for Enhancing Quality of Life, said:

It comes as councils across Lincolnshire have either closed recycling centres or tips in the face of the virus.

Lincolnshire County Council has closed tips, but bin collections remain as normal.

The District Council Network offered the following advice to people on managing their waste:

  • Contact your council to see if they are still operating paid for bulky waste collection

  • Private companies offer this as well but people need to check any company they use is properly registered for handling waste by the Environment Agency

  • Try and compost any garden waste at home

  • Cut down cardboard boxes so they can be put into the appropriate recycling bin - this makes life much easier for waste collection staff

  • Store any excess waste from DIY projects, spring cleans or garden waste at home until it can be disposed of safely and legally