Family turn their home into a rainbow to lift spirits during lockdown

A family have turned their home into a rainbow in order to try andbrighten up the spirits of their neighbourhood.

The Smith family have expanded on the campaign that has seen youngchildren draw rainbows and uplifting messages and place them in thefront windows of their home, by colouring in most of their home in thecolours of a rainbow.

It was the idea of 10-year-old Mia, who with the help of her mum Gemmaand sister Gracie, 13, spent hours with a piece of chalk in her hands,colouring in each individual brick on her house.

Mia had already drawn rainbows and uplifting messages to put in her window, but thought that as she had some free time, sheshould do the whole house as well.

They used chalk to colour in the bricks on the house Credit: MEN Media

Her mum Gemma said:

Credit: MEN Media

Mia said: "I love rainbows and have been drawing them since I havebeen at home during lockdown, because they are a good way to brightenup people's days.

"I still have a little bit of chalk left, so next we are going topaint rainbows on our driveway until we run out!"

Gemma, who is a health care assistant in the NHS, says that her familyhave been isolating for nearly a week and a half longer than the restof the country, as Mia has an immune deficiency brought on by her typeone diabetes.

She said: "Because of Mia's condition we have been isolating longerthan everyone so that we can make sure that we are safe.

"To be honest, we have really been enjoying it, because it is nice tohave all of the family together all of the time. We have baked, playedgames and had a lot of fun.

"It really is important that we all do our bit and stay home."