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Coronavirus: Leeds council given emergency permission for temporary mortuary

The mortuary will be housed at the Waterside Industrial Park in Stourton Credit: Google

Leeds City Council has received emergency permission to build a temporary mortuary facility to help cope with expected increase in deaths due to Covid-19.

The facility is expected to be housed in Waterside Industrial Park in Stourton, at an estimated cost of £800,000.

The document added: "As part of the emergency planning in response to the Covid-19 outbreak, the City Council is making preparations for the provision of a temporary mortuary to support existing facilities in the city.".

Cllr Elizabeth Nash, who represents the Hunslet and Riverside ward where the facility will be set up, said: "It is out of the way, and most people will not know it's there.

"But I do think the whole of Leeds has to know about this because some people still aren't taking the virus seriously and listening to advice.

"It's very grisly, but it has to be done."

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