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Leeds engineers and scientists develop quick fix to increase ventilator numbers

Credit: University of Leeds and Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

Engineers and scientists at Leeds University and Leeds Teaching Hospitals Trust have developed a way to turn a sleep apnea  machine into a ventilator.

The modification is on  a device known as a Nippy3, which are being phased out of service. There are around 100 of the machines in Leeds hospitals and thought to be thousands of similar devices across the NHS which could significantly increase the support available to coronavirus patients across the country.

The modification is straightforward and involves setting changes and reconfiguring the supply of oxygen so it flows to the face mask worn by the patient.

This is another example of the long-standing collaboration we have between our Trust and the University of Leeds. We know there could be pressure on the NHS for more ventilators during the current coronavirus outbreak and this was a way of coming up with a potential solution.   

Scientists and clinicians working with academics and technicians have made it happen.

– Dr David Brettle, Head of the Medical Physics team at LTHT

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