Family turn Rotherham home into 24 hour PPE production line

A couple with three small children have set up a PPE production line from their home in Rotherham, providing up to 150 visors a day for frontline workers in the fight against Covid-19.

Making the visors is a family affair Credit: ITV Yorkshire

Graham and Janet Trueman have seven 3d printers, set up on kitchen chairs in their office, which are in use 24 hours a day.

Each visor takes around an hour to make with the husband and wife team taking it in turns to operate the printers. Janet works the day shift and then Graham takes over at around 10pm at night until around 7am in the morning.

Graham said they can't produce the visors fast enough for demand. Credit: ITV Yorkshire

The pair, started a funding page to purchase the printers to produce the personal protective equipment which has been approved by Rotherham Hospital and a Professor in Northern General Hospital.

The family have been making 700 to 1000 visors a week for local hospitals, care homes and community workers.

Their fundraising page has also enabled them to:

  • Produce PPE Visors

  • Purchase hand sanitiser

  • Purchase hand cream

  • Purchase hand Wash

  • Make head bands

  • Produce face mask straps

  • Purchase face masks

  • Produce drawstring bags

  • (for scrubs & uniform)

The family are producing around 700 to 1000 visors a week Credit: ITV Yorkshire

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It comes as union leaders in the region are calling on the government to take over factories if necessary to increase the production of personal protective equipment to keep front line workers safe.

The call comes after doctors and nurses were advised to reuse gowns even if they're labelled as single-use.