Hull’s MPs write open letter thanking the community for response to Covid-19

Hull’s MPs have written an open letter thanking the community in Hull for their response to Covid 19 crisis.

Labour Member of Parliament for Kingston upon Hull North, Diana Johnson, has joined forces with Emma Hardy, MP for Kingston West and Hessle and MP for Kingston upon Hull Karl Turner to thank the local community.

The letter, which is addressed "Dear Friends", thanks everyone in the community from NHS Heroes and Key Workers to all volunteers doing their bit, to look out for those in need of help.

The letter reads:

"Dear Friends

"There is currently an extraordinary voluntary effort under way in Hull. It is supporting people facing hardship in the Covid-19 crisis and we want to express our deepest appreciation to everyone involved in this great effort.

"This crisis is without precedent in living memory. Nobody could have predicted its severity and the Government was clearly not well prepared for it. A decade of austerity and changes in the way our NHS is structured has clearly made matters worse. But even without these added burdens, our NHS would still be facing huge challenges.

"Our public services are doing an amazing job. We have the utmost admiration for the bravery of our frontline NHS, social care and other key workers who have risked their own health to save the lives of others. Never again must they be placed in such a position without proper protective equipment. People have come together with the Council to deliver vitally needed help for the most vulnerable. Without this, many in the city would have gone without food or other essential supplies.

"The community response in Hull has been remarkable — ranging across individual volunteers, spontaneous mutual aid groups, Hull businesses, faith groups and locally-based broadcasters. It reflects great credit on everyone who is taking part. We need to remain vigilant, looking out for people who haven’t been identified so far who may need help.

"When the pandemic passes, we hope that our society recognises more tangibly the worth of all those who perform important caring and other public service roles in holding our communities together. The interdependence we all have upon each other is clearer than ever - not only in a civilised society, but in any properly functioning modern economy.

"We will do all that we can to help. But, in the meantime, we want to thank you for your contribution to this great effort, pulling together to prove what a fantastic community we represent with pride in Parliament.

With all best wishes."