Teacher stranded in Vietnam covid-camp relieved to be back home in Sheffield

Anna Bailey Credit: ITV Yorkshire

A teacher who had been forced to spend five weeks in a quarantine camp in the Far East says it is a huge relief to be back home.

Anna Bailey from South Yorkshire also spent time in hospital - in spite of numerous tests which showed she didn't have the virus. She had been working in Vietnam as an English teacher - a job she had been doing for the past three years - when the country was hit by coronavirus.

Anna was forced to stay in the Covid-camp for five weeks Credit: ITV Yorkshire

She believes she would have been forced to stay in the country longer if the British Embassy had not put pressure on the authorities to allow her to come home.

Anna said in the beginning she agreed with what they were doing 'being safe trying to stop the spread of the virus' but that it all went on 'a bit too long.'

Anna arrived back in Sheffield yesterday and said she was so happy to be back with her family. David Hirst reports.