Social distancing and lockdown storylines: Emmerdale filming resumes after two-month hiatus

Credit: Emmerdale, ITV

Filming has resumed on the set of Emmerdale – with cast and crew observing social distancing and new story lines to reflect the lives of characters in lockdown.

Almost two months after filming was suspended following the coronavirus outbreak, the ITV soap's production team returned to the set in Leeds to record six new episodes.

Bosses have limited the number of people allowed on set and introduced new ways of working to limit the risk of the infection spreading.

As well as the crew and actors observing social distancing – even when filming scenes together – filming units will work in designated studios, crews will use their own sanitised equipment and office staff will continue to work from home.

Scripts will feature a smaller number of actors and fewer scenes will be shot to avoid camera moves.

The new episodes will air in June, featuring storylines reflecting the lockdown.

Credit: Emmerdale, ITV

Against the backdrop of the pandemic, the characters will also be seen paying tribute to the work of the NHS

John Whiston, managing director of continuing drama for ITV Studios, has been overseeing the soap's plans to return to filming. He said: