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Hedgehog rescued from tangled netting after dog sniffs it out

The hedgehog was spotted by a dog called Keith Credit: RSPCA

A hedgehog has been rescued in Wakefield, West Yorkshire, after getting tangled in netting at a cricket pavilion.

The hog was spotted by a dog called Keith while on a walk with his owners in Wrenthorpe on Friday 15 May.

His owners called the RSPCA, and inspector Kris Walker headed straight out to the hedgehogs's aid, releasing it from the netting.

He explained:

“This hog was in big trouble when Keith sniffed him out.

“His feet were only just touching the floor and he had absolutely no way of freeing himself.

“Quite often with incidents like this the animal has tried so hard to free themselves that they’re badly hurt, sometimes even fatally so.

“As wildlife frequently gets trapped during the night, they may have been struggling for hours and hours by the time they are found in the morning and often need veterinary attention and sedation to cut them free.

“We urge everyone to put sports equipment like this away when it’s not in use and dispose of old netting responsibly by cutting it up to make it safe. It only takes a few minutes and it could save an animal from suffering.”

– RSPCA inspector Kris Walker

Garden netting, like pond or fruit netting, can also be hazardous to wild animals. The RSPCA recommends replacing these types of netting with solid metal mesh in order to keep animals like hedgehogs safe.

The RSPCA has responded to more than 10,000 wildlife incidents since the lockdown.