Baby deer saved by firefighters is released into wildlife park

Rescued Roe Deer Credit: Humberside Fire and Rescue

A baby deer rescued from a fierce fire has been nursed back to health.

Firefighters found the fawn as they battled a blaze on Hatfield Moors near Doncaster, and gave it oxygen to keep it alive.

The Roe Deer was taken in by RSPCA officials. And after putting on weight, she has now been re-homed with another orphaned fawn at an RSPCA wildlife centre in the West Country, where she is said to have settled in well.

She will later be released back into the wild.

An RSPCA spokesperson said: "It's a pretty long process - she'll be hand-reared using bottled milk, then move on to lapping milk, then eventually grass.

"Adult deer don't travel well at all so if all goes well she'll be released back into the wild down there - so she won't be coming back up to our region."

Deer are difficult to hand-rear as they're very sensitive animals and get stressed easily, and of course she has had a rocky start, so there are a lot of crossed fingers with this one."

RSPCA spokesperson

The fire has been burning on Hatfield Moors near Doncaster since Sunday May 17th.

South Yorkshire Fire Service says its now under control after crews were called in from Humberside and West Yorkshire to help.

A helicopter has also been ferrying water from nearby lakes to douse hot spots.

Firefighters are dividing the area into segments and methodically working through each section to ensure the deep seated fire is fully extinguished and does not reignite.

It was unclear how the fire started. Hatfield Moors is part of a complex of peatlands that are the largest lowland peat bogs in the UK.

Hatfield Moor fire been burning since May 17th Credit: West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue

Firefighters tackling a blaze on Hatfield Moors say the incident has moved into a new phase.

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