Great-great grandmother marks 100th birthday with fundraising challenge

Mrs Richardson stood up a total of 100 times Credit: Herriot Hospice Homecare

A woman from Thirsk in North Yorkshire has celebrated her 100th birthday by completing a standing up challenge for charity.

Joyce Richardson has raised more than £18,000 for Herriot Hospice Homecare in Northallerton, which cared for her son.

Mrs Richardson nearly lost the use of her legs after developing sepsis last year and she says she still struggles to stand for any length of time.

But she rose to the challenge, standing up 100 times with a minimum standing time of 10 seconds each.

Writing on her JustGiving donation page, Joyce said: "It may not seem much to most people but, believe you me, hauling myself up out of the chair is a huge struggle every time!"

Joyce Richardson joined the Women's Land Army in 1941 Credit: Joyce Richardson

The great-grandmother joined the Women's Land Army in 1942, when she was 21-years-old. Mrs Richardson said: "The challenge would have been easy for me too, in those days!"

Fellow fundraiser and veteran Colonel Tom Moore has taken to Twitter to congratulate her.