Lincoln artist spends 30 hours drawing commemorative Dunkirk picture

Credit: ITV Calendar

An artist and RAF reservist from Lincoln has spent 30 hours drawing a commemorative picture to mark 80 years since the Dunkirk evacuation during World War Two.

Over nine harrowing days 700 boats brought more than 338,000 allied soldiers back to British soil following German advances during Operation Dynamo.

The picture focuses mainly on Al Deere's Spitfire just before his plane was shot down. The RAF officer glided and landed in Belgium. He then walked to Dunkirk and managed to get on a boat to England.

The picture focuses mainly on Al Deere's Spitfire just before the RAF officer's plane was shot down.

This Dunkirk picture is probably the most challenging drawing I have ever had to do because historically it had to be accurate, the markings of the Spitfire had to be correct but I also needed to make it look like Dunkirk, all the people on the beach, and also the responsibility and the relevance of what this was for. It wasn't just a picture for the fun of it, it was to commemorate the 80th anniversary of Dunkirk so I knew it was important and had to get it right which is why it took as long as it did.

Simon Ross, artist

It was commissioned by Andy Newson as a secret present for his 6 year old son, who is nicknamed Jacob the Pilot. The young plane enthusiast is currently raising money doing his own challenge for the RAF Benevolent fund.

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