Spike in number of people seeking help for addiction during lockdown

Credit: PA Images

UK Addiction Treatment (UKAT) which runs residential addiction treatment centres, says it's seen a worrying spike in the number of people seeking help during lockdown.

Addiction experts are warning that the number of people struggling with drug/alcohol problems is likely to 'tip off the scale' as a result of the Covid19 lockdown.

UKAT say they have seen a stark rise in the number of people using its 24/7 online chat tool, people who are struggling with life at home, who are turning to alcohol and drug misuse, and reaching out for help.

Nuno Albuqeruque, Group Treatment Lead at UKAT said:

UKAT have provided the following advice - 8 Ways to Support Someone in Recovery From Addiction During Lockdown;

1) Check in and let them know that you care.

2) Educate yourself on available treatments and support groups.

3) Don’t pressure them into talking.

4) Encourage them to look after their physical health.

5) Check that they are taking their prescribed medication.

6) Be aware of their triggers.

7) Take care of yourself.

8) Maintain social distancing.