Nearly 8000 male domestic abuse victims in West Yorkshire during 2019

Credit: PA

Thousands of men across our region are suffering violence and aggression at the hands of their partners.

Nearly eight thousand men told West Yorkshire police they were a domestic abuse victim during 2019, while they are around three times less likely to speak out about their experiences than women.

A Freedom of Information request to West Yorkshire Police by Ian McNicholl, (domestic abuse survivor,) reveals that in 2019, 7,931 men across West Yorkshire reported they had been victims of domestic abuse.

The impact of COVID-19 will see many men remaining in their homes with their abuser as there are just 40 safe spaces for men (and their children) to escape to whilst many parts of the UK have no places at all.

Ian requested information from the Police to encourage more males across West Yorkshire to come forward in order that males will recognise that they are not the only male suffering behind their front door in this way - a common reason why men do not come forward.

Ian McNicholl, domestic abuse survivor said: