Workers at North Yorkshire energy to vote on strike action over job loss threat

Drax power station in Selby Credit: ITV Yorkshire

Workers at Drax power station in Selby are set to vote on whether to take strike action later in the summer over proposed job losses.

Unite the Union says it is preparing to hold a ballot this month.

It comes after the decision to close two coal-fired units at the North Yorkshire site next April, leading to the loss of 230 jobs. Its other four units are biomass, using wood chip pellets.

A natural wastage scheme would cost £25 million a year during the limited period it would be in operation – which is small beer compared with the very generous profits generated.

Unite spokesperson

Drax said the decision to move away from coal is the right one for the environment. Drax added that they have been talking to employees and the unions for over two years about the impact coal closure will have on people.

We gave our employees over a year’s notice – the job losses will take place in April 2021. This means we have time to support those affected to get the best outcomes for them.

Drax, spokesperson