Tree planting fund aims to boost number of native trees across the East Riding

The scheme will complement the Northern Forest project Credit: East Riding of Yorkshire Council

Grants of up to £5,000 are being made available to private and public landowners, town and parish councils as well as other community groups across the East Riding in a bid to increase the number of native trees across the county.

It's part of a new community tree planting fund which has been launched by East Riding of Yorkshire Council.

The council will support projects creating new areas of native woodland, planting new clusters of native trees and hedgerows or establishing new groups of individual native standard trees.

Councillor Mike Stathers from East Riding of Yorkshire Council, said:

There are 36 types of British native trees to choose from, including alder, beech, silver birch, blackthorn, elder, hazel, holly, willow, oak and yew.

The scheme will complement the Northern Forest project which has seen over 100,000 trees planted across the East Riding since 2018.

The aim is to plant 50 million trees across an area stretching from Liverpool to East Yorkshire over a 25 year period.

Oak and beech are among the 36 types of native trees to choose from Credit: PA

The council has released the following guidelines, detailing what criteria those applying to grants must meet:

  • to be of sufficient scale to make a beneficial impact to the area

  • the planting activity comprises of solely native species appropriate to the area

  • will deliver a clear benefit for wildlife

  • will deliver a clear enhancement to local landscape character

  • the community has been/will be involved in the project, such as development, planting, maintenance.