Drugs gangs targeted by Humberside Police as raids lead to 10 arrests

Police made 10 arrests in total Credit: ITV Yorkshire

Police have arrested 10 people during a series of raids on properties either side of the Humber on Tuesday 16 June.

Nine people were arrested in Hull and one in Scunthorpe as part of an operation to crackdown on drugs gangs.

During the morning raids, police found a series of cannabis farms with the capacity to produce hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of drugs.

Police found a series of cannabis farms Credit: Humberside Police

Police believe they could be linked to people trafficking, as Detective Inspector Rich Osgerby from Humberside Police explained:

“The production of cannabis has kicked up a bit and that’s what we’ve seen. What sits behind that is the organised crime trade and there’s people trafficking, there’s vulnerability and exploitation with that. That’s the reason we are focussing on the cannabis production today.”

Detective Inspector Rich Osgerby, Humberside Police
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