Bin it or take it home: Anger after Cleethorpes Boating Lake car park is left covered in litter

Customers of fast food restaurants have been urged to put their litter in a bin or take it home after rubbish spread across the car park at the Boating Lake in Cleethorpes.

Waste and recycling bins at the car park were left full to the brim with litter, including from the nearby McDonald's and KFC outlets, resulting in rubbish being dumped.

The littering, which had to be cleaned up by North East Lincolnshire Council, has led to complaints from Cleethorpes residents who visited the Boating Lake, with one man posting on Facebook to vent his frustrations.

Alongside pictures of the littering, he wrote: "This is the car park at the Boating Lake opposite KFC and McDonalds. This is not a refuse bin, it's a recycling bin.

"It's stuffed to overflowing with takeaway rubbish from KFC and McDonalds.

"Drinks cups and takeaway wrappers are all over the car park, people are parking up and throwing their junk out their windows and stuffing it in the recycling bins.

Credit: MEN Media

"There are rubbish bins all over the place, you just need to walk 20 feet.

"I'm not posting this to be 'holier than thou', I just want people to think about what they do with their rubbish.

"Maybe people don't think when they park up in the dark and throw their rubbish out the window, but it is everywhere.

"Please either put it in a proper bin or take it home."

The McDonald's at Merdian Point, opposite the Boating Lake car park, reopened its drive-thru and UberEats delivery to Cleethorpes on June 4, with KFC opening its drive-thru on May 21 along with Taco Bell.

Subway has also recently reopened its Meridian Point branch.

The fast food outlets only have a takeaway service available to customers, which could explain why many are visiting the Boating Lake car park across the road to enjoy their meal.

North East Lincolnshire Council has asked people to be more considerate when handling their rubbish from fast food restaurants.

Credit: MEN Media