Police warning after Lincoln NHS couple lose £14k in motorhome scam

A Lincoln couple, who are NHS workers, are warning the public to never hand over any money until they have received the product after they lost £14,000 in a motorhome scam.

Paul Harding-Hubbard, 51, who is a paramedic, and wife Emma, 37, a cardiology nurse, re-mortgaged their Lincoln home to enable them to buy their dream family motorhome.

Police say Mr Harding-Hubbard found what he had thought was the perfect motorhome on Ebay and contacted the seller via the telephone.

After long conversations with the motorhome owner, who called herself Tina, he paid her £14,000.

The next day Mr and Mrs Harding-Hubbard and their three young children Marley, Maxwell and Maisie, embarked on a two hour journey to Norfolk to collect the motorhome but when they arrived they were told by the occupant that it was a scam and that three other families had attended that week to collect the same motorhome.

Credit: Press Association

Mr Harding-Hubbard says he had done everything he could to ensure this was not a scam. He said he had carried out a check of the vehicle with DVLA and also researched it on the Internet.

Police say Mr Harding-Hubbard has contacted them and the banks and Action Fraud is investigating this incident.

Close to £3,000 has been fundraised to help the family online.