Childless couples face stressful wait as some fertility clinics stay shut

Calendar's Katie Oscroft reports from Halifax:

Thousands of couples are still waiting for their fertility treatment to restart after lockdown - even though many clinics are back working with the government's blessing.

And there are fears that for some the stress of waiting and the delay could affect their chances of ever becoming parents.

Charlotte Curbishley, from Halifax, says her NHS clinic has no date yet to reopen even though others across our region are seeing patients.

Charlotte's IVF treatment resulted in pregnancy then miscarriage - lockdown came as she prepared for her final attempt.

She says: "I'm heartbroken really its not something you think you'll ever have to deal with.

"Some people think you get jealous of people who can have children. You don't. You feel happy for them but you do feel sad for yourself as you think why can't that be me."

But as some clinics reopened from May 11th in line with government guidelines Yorkshire Fertility, has remained closed.

The Calderdale and Huddersfield Foundation Trust said they are looking at how and when Yorkshire Fertility can safely restart its services.

Charlotte says she has been in touch with many other women in the same situation.

"They've been really upset because they've been thinking as time goes on they have a less chance, I've got people who can't afford to do it again so this could be their last chance if they're doing it on the NHS cycle."