New security measures at beauty spots during heatwave

Richmond Falls, where new security measures are being taken. Credit: North Yorkshire Police

Police patrols and new CCTV have been introduced to tackle anti-social behaviour at beauty spots during the heatwave.

North Yorkshire Police officers are responding to reports that people have been drinking heavily, urinating and defecating in public places, leaving large amounts of litter and behaving in other anti-social ways.

WATCH: New CCTV cameras are being installed at Richmond Falls as police crack down on anti-social behaviour.

North Yorkshire Police will be focussing their patrols on areas where a large number of people are congregating, such as riverside areas in York and the Stray in Harrogate.

They will also be checking popular beauty spots across the county, including the Dales and Moors which have seen an influx of visitors recently.

Insp Paul Cording from North Yorkshire Police posted a video of the mess left behind at The Stray in Harrogate.

Meanwhile new CCTV cameras are being installed at Richmond Falls after a spate of people visited the area over the May bank holidays.

Richmondshire District Council said both alcohol and drug use were a problem at the site.

A task group - with representatives from the district council, North Yorkshire County Council and North Yorkshire Police - set up to tackle the issues is also planning to create a ‘Public Spaces Protection Order’ which will ban the drinking of alcohol, taking of drugs and cooking of food in the area.

Campaigns on social media to encourage groups of young people to be aware of the dangers of alcohol and drugs – as well as on water safety – have already begun.