People urged to stop spoiling region's beauty spots and bin litter

Sheffield's Endcliffe Park covered in litter Credit: ITV Calendar

People have been condemned for repeatedly leaving the region's beauty spots strewn with litter during the heatwave.

But despite police patrols being stepped up over reports of anti-social behaviour and drug use, parks and open spaces have been left like rubbish tips.

Council workers and local residents are spending mornings constantly cleaning up at Sheffield's Endcliffe Park.

This was the scene on Friday morning.

Temperatures reached 30C degrees, and this brought crowds out into the sunshine.

But people are being urged to dispose of their rubish in the bins or take their litter home with them.

Ben and Finn Hackett joined other local residents in Friday morning's clean up operation.

Woodhouse Moor after a 'lockdown party' Credit: Adele Beeson

Meanwhile residents have condemned the mess left behind at Woodhouse Moor in Leeds.

A large group gathered for what appeared to be a so-called 'Lockdown Party', but left the area covered in litter as well as discarded Nitrous Oxide canisters.

A number of disposable barbeques were also used which scorched the grass - just yards from a sign warning that barbeques should not be used.

Discarded Nitrous Oxide canisters Credit: Adele Beeson
Scorched by barbeques Credit: Adele Beeson