Halifax bomber takes centre stage as Yorkshire Air Museum prepares to reopen to visitors

Halifax bomber reconstruction takes centre stage as Yorkshire Air Museum reopens to public Credit: Yorkshire Air Museum

Yorkshire Air Museum is preparing to reopen to visitors on Saturday 4 July, after being closed for more than three months during the coronavirus outbreak.

A team of volunteers has been on hand to clean up the hangers and gardens, as well as moving aircraft and vehicles to create new indoor and outdoor displays.

The museum has created new indoor and outdoor displays Credit: Yorkshire Air Museum

The famous Friday the 13th Halifax bomber reconstruction now stands centre stage in the main display hangar, greeting visitors as they arrive.

Visitors will need to pre-book tickets online and upon arrival, they will follow a new one-way route around the displays to facilitate social distancing.

Barbara George, Director of Yorkshire Air Museum said:

We have been very busy over the past four weeks preparing for our reopening. The ground work we have managed to achieve with the help of a handful of staff and a few volunteers is absolutely amazing and I am confident that our visitors are going to love our new display and the feel of our site. With our beautiful lawn, historic buildings and spectacular aircraft, people will love taking a stroll through our site: what a place for a family picnic! We would like to thank in particular William Birch & Sons Ltd for their generous sponsorship to repair our WWII buildings.

Barbara George, Director, Yorkshire Air Museum

The museum's income is entirely funded by the revenue it generates from visitors and events, meaning 15 weeks of closure has led to a £50,000 shortfall in income.

An online appeal has been launched, encouraging supporters to donate towards the running costs of the museum.

Museum Director,  Barbara George added:

The Covid-19 pandemic has been challenging for many museums and heritage organisations. For us, it has been an opportunity to understand our priorities better and review the way we engage with our visitors. As a result, we are now able to provide a much-improved visitor experience.

Barbara George, Director, Yorkshire Air Museum

Yorkshire Air Museum will reopen on 4 July Credit: Yorkshire Air Museum

Refreshments will be open to the public from the museum's shop, with picnic tables located at safe distances around the site. The restaurant will remain closed to visitors.

The museum will reopen on Saturday 4 July and Sunday 5 July, from 10 am to 5 pm. It will then open on Wednesdays to Sundays, before moving to a 7-day opening from the start of the school summer holidays towards the end of July.

A team of volunteers has been on hand to clean up the hangers and gardens Credit: Yorkshire Air Museum