Large cannabis grow found at Mansfield house during police raid

Heat lamps and plants were found in rooms throughout the house Credit: Nottinghamshire Police

A large cannabis grow has been found at a house in Mansfield.

Nearly 50 plants and growing equipment were discovered in rooms throughout the house in Westdale Road. Officers carried out a search warrant at the address shortly after 9am on Monday 29th June, 2020.

Nobody was at the property during the raid and enquiries are continuing.

Inspector Nick Butler from Mansfield Police said:

Local people consistently tell us that drug related crime is a major concern for them. That’s why we regularly act on intelligence from members of the public to carry out proactive searches like this one. “Our aim is to disrupt the local supply of drugs and to place all local producers on notice: that this is not an activity we will allow you to get away with. Drug misuse blights communities and ruins lives and we will keep up the pressure on those people who make their living by supplying them. “Cannabis consumption can also be an extremely anti-social behaviour as it creates a very pungent smell that can be very discomforting for people’s neighbours.

Inspector Nick Butler, Mansfield Police

All the plants found in the house have now been removed and destroyed. A specialist dismantling team have also taken down and removed the growing equipment.