Cropton Forest welcomes birth of healthy baby beaver

Forestry England has announced the birth of a baby beaver at Cropton Forest on the North York Moors.

The new addition brings the total number of young beavers on the site to three. They join two adults who were initially introduced to the forest in April 2019 as part of a trial to measure their impact on flood management.

The baby kit joins two siblings Credit: Forestry England

Foresty England says the two kits born in May last year are both progressing well, pulling their weight with various important tasks. They are now helping their parents take care of their new sibling.

 Cath Bashforth, Ecologist at Forestry England said:

Beavers are extremely family-orientated, with kits staying with their group for at least two years.

 Alan Eves, Forest Management Director at Forestry England said: