'No plans to lockdown Doncaster' reassurance from Director of Public Health

No need for lockdown concern or worry

Doncaster's Director of Public Health has given a reassurance that there are 'no plans to lockdown' the town.

Taking to social media, Dr Rupert Suckling says there are currently a lot of reports quoting figures and statistics which could cause confusion and unnecessary concern and worry in communities in Doncaster.

He explains what data is available and that figures for Doncaster are lower than other places in England. He says a small increase in infection rates was due to a 'small but well managed' outbreak in a care home and that the rate was 'nowhere near' enough to consider a lockdown.

He also repeats the necessity to wash hands, keep a distance and follow guidance - even more so as we head into this weekend when pubs, bars and restaurants can reopen. His statement in full, is below.