RSPCA rescues dog tied to tree and abandoned in Huddersfield woods

The Staffordshire bull terrier was hard barking by locals Credit: RSPCA

A Staffordshire bull terrier has been rescued after it was tied to a tree and abandoned in the woods in Huddersfield.

RSPCA inspector Rebecca Goulding was called to Gledholt Wood on Tuesday 30 June by local people who discovered the dog after hearing barking from the woods.

He was found tied up with a harness and lead. Rebecca Goulding said:

They told us he’d been there for at least two hours and it was clear no one was coming back for him. It seems a strange place for someone to tie up a stray if they found him running loose in the woods without telling anyone as he was very remote so it seems as though someone has deliberately walked him into the woods to abandon him.

Rebecca Goulding, RSPCA inspector

The adult male Staffie was uninjured and seemed to be in good condition, according to Rebecca.

He was unneutered and wasn’t microchipped. Rebecca added:

He’s now being cared for by Kirklees dog warden so anyone who believes he may belong to them should contact the council.  “I understand that things are difficult right now and that there may be a very good reason for a family to need to give up their pet. But they should never have taken this poor boy into the woods and tied him to a tree and just left him.  

Rebecca Goulding, RSPCA inspector

Anyone with information about who may be responsible for abandoning the dog is being asked to contact the RSPCA.