8-year-old 's cover of Leeds United anthem Marching on Together goes viral

Internet sensation, 8-year-old Lenny Street, first came to prominence during lockdownwhen he was raising money for a new school in Sheffield by using his piano skills.

He has now done his own rendition of Marching on Together, to celebrate LeedsUnited’s promotion to the Premier League.

The 8-year-old’s cover of the Leeds United anthem has so far racked up nearly three hundred thousand views on Twitter, including praise from captain Liam Cooper, who tweeted “Beautiful Lennie, what a star you are. I'd like to dedicate that win (against Barnsley) to you little man. Lots of love from me and everybody @LUFC."  He was also presented with a signed team sheet.

It's phenomenal, obviously Lenny had lost of challenges, lots of difficulties, so something as positive as this where he can really connect with people and give something back to his school and give something back to the fans is just brilliant, it's a real feel good thing for everybody.It's amazing to be part of the Leeds family.

Sally Street, Lenny's mother

Lennie first found online stardom during lockdown when the self-taught pianist offered to play a hundred songs over a month to raise money for Paces Sheffield.  He's so far raised more than £11,000.

It's fantastic, it's great that Leeds are up again, back in the premiership and it's fantastic for us that he's been a part of it as well with his song. Lenny hasn't actually been to a live game yet, we're hoping to take him next season but this has kind of like shown him that he is part of the team, he is part of the whole community of Leeds United which he probably didn't feel before.

Sally Street, Lenny's mother