Ben Needham: Mum Kerry makes fresh plea for information on 29th anniversary of his disappearance

On the 29th anniversary of the disappearance of Sheffield toddler Ben Needham, his mum Kerry has made yet another plea for information to finally give her family an answer to his fate.

Speaking to "Calendar" today Kerry said : "If nothing is resolved, if we don't get final answers then it's all been for nothing - all the heartache and the pain and the trauma that we've been through as a family has been for nothing - so we won't give up on Ben and we won't give up on the truth either. 

''It can't just be left alone. If we find the answers that we desperately need then we will go away, but not until then. We will keep going back (to Greece) and put the pressure on until we get the answers"

What happened to Ben Needham?

Ben, who was 21 months old, vanished on July 24 1991 as he played outside a remote farmhouse which was being renovated by his grandad Eddie. Ben had been taken there by his grandmother Christine while Kerry was at work at a local hotel.The entire family had moved to Greece earlier in the year for a new start and were enjoying life on the holiday island.

But their idyll was shattered when Ben disappeared, with the family coming under suspicion from local police while they were just desperately trying to find the youngster.

Over the years the family travelled all over Europe following up leads, believing Ben had been taken from the island by a Greek family after a prisoner in a Greek jail claimed to know where Ben was, and who had taken him.

But the prisoner's story was a lie - and the theory about kidnapping was finally quashed by South Yorkshire Police, who had secured a Home Office grant to try to solve the case.

A major excavation took place on Kos in 2016 Credit: PA

Government intervention allowed two excavations of the farmhouse, in 2012 and 2016, but no physical trace of Ben was found. A scrap of leather sandal and a toy car, thought to belong to Ben, were discovered, but his DNA was not present.

South Yorkshire Police said in 2016 that it was their professional belief that Ben had died on the day he went missing - killed in an accident with a digger driven by a local man.The family of the man, Konstantinos Barkas, who died in 2015, vehemently refute the allegation that he was involved.

Without physical evidence the family is still desperate for information about Ben - and believe there are people on the island who have still not come forward. 

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