How Eid will be different for Muslims this year

EID celebrations 2019
Eid Prayers won't be taking place in public places this year Credit: PA

Eid Al Adha celebrations will be different this year for Muslims around the region on Friday due to the ongoing global pandemic.

To mark Eid, which will be celebrated on Friday, Muslim communities would usually attend Eid prayers at the mosque or in public places, followed by visiting family and friends.

Eid prayer in 2019 Credit: PA

Due to the ongoing risk of COVID-19 this year celebrations will not be see the usual Eid prayer taking place outdoors and community parties cancelled.

Under the current government guidelines, mosques will be open with staggered prayer timings, socially distant markings with worshippers told to wear face masks and use individual prayer mats.  

EID prayers taking place in a park in 2019 Credit: PA

Some faith leaders will be using digital tools to bring worshippers together for prayers and sermons.

It’s also important to wear a face covering indoors with people who are not part of their household or bubble.

Calderdale borough who are currently classed as one of England’s ‘areas of concern’ for COVID-19, are urging communities to to be extra careful this EID.