Army bomb disposal experts operate on Holderness coastline

Army bomb disposal experts Credit: Ministry of Defence

British Army bomb disposal experts have been protecting the public in Holderness by making the coastline safe from unexploded devices.

A specialist group of experts have been clearing Cowden Sands, Mappleton, for more than three weeks.

A 600-acre area of the beach was formerly used by the RAF and US Air Force as a practice bombing range until 1998. The range targets were situated at the top of a cliff above Mappleton Beach, which is one of the fastest eroding coastlines in the United Kingdom.

Experts say that the rapid coastline erosion has led to 'significant amounts of ordnance' being exposed on the beach itself.

The brigade has been operating on the area to ensure that controlled explosions of bombs found are carried out safely.

Beach clearance operation Credit: Ministry of Defence

Reassuring local residents, Troop Commander, Sam Turner said:

He added:

The removal task began on July 13 and the team has made approximately 1,000 items of unexploded devices safe, with the majority having to be destroyed in controlled explosions. 

Any items deemed free from explosives were removed from the beach and transferred through the logistic chain to be repurposed. The team found practice bombs, aircraft projectiles and land service ammunition.

Credit: Ministry of Defence

The specialist search group will complete their task on August 12. A long-term plan to deal with unexploded ordnance on the beach is being developed.