Student blog: We've survived lockdown, now let's tackle A-level results day

When you ask any student about their time studying at Wyke Sixth Form College, they would agree that such an outstanding and welcoming college has provided them with the best two years of their life…this is something I personally believe. 

Wyke College A-level music class 2020 at the Christmas concert  Credit: Lucy Tessier

As a student from 2018 to 2020, I studied A-levels in English Literature, English Language and Music with an Extended Program Qualification in my first year.

With an incredible community of committed teachers and striving students, my self-confidence and knowledge in these subjects has excelled thanks to the encouraging atmosphere that the college offers.

I took part in extra-curricular activities such as the college choir and annual concert as well as taking part in the termly ‘Wyke Sesh’ which allowed students, such as myself, to perform musically in front of their peers. Consequently, my decision to study at this fantastic college could not have been more perfect, especially considering how supported I felt along my journey and throughout the pandemic.

Credit: Lucy Tessier

With results day peeking over the horizon, many of this year’s A-level and BTEC students await one of the most crucial and life-changing days of their lives. Regardless of the pandemic, we have all felt the immense pressure that comes with studying these qualifications in the hope of pursuing the right path after leaving education.

For some this means leaving for university, for others this means jobs or apprenticeships, or even taking a gap year. However, when the government decided to cancel all exams that would be taken this year because of COVID-19, it is no surprise that most students felt disheartened and mislead considering the masses of hard work that had been put into earning their college qualifications. 

DIVE Band Hull at Polar Bear Sesh Credit: Lucy Tessier

So how did I react upon hearing this news?  

Having confirmed my first-choice place at the University of Liverpool, it is no lie that leading up to results day I have felt incredibly anxious. Although having the burden of no exams has lifted a huge weight off my shoulders too.

As a student that has always placed a huge emphasis on mock exams, coursework and general in-class work, I feel confident in saying that I really tried my best in education. This means I will hopefully get at least some sleep before the big day arrives! Nevertheless, pre-pandemic I had already decided that I was to take a gap year after education, to gain some independence working for a year and indulging in Hull’s music scene which I am already a part of, and other exciting future projects. 

Pre-pandemic, a crowd of students watching a live music performance at Wyke College in Hull Credit: Lucy Tessier

It is no question that there will be some students that will choose to defer their place at university this year because of the pandemic, though I was not one of them. As a singer-songwriter who is known throughout Hull as both a solo artist and front woman of the band DIVE, pursuing a career in music or something related to the subject such as music journalism led to the decision to take a gap year.

With a place confirmed reading English and Music BA at Liverpool University the following year, I believe a year out of education will provide me with valuable industry experience before I enter education again. Needless to say, Wyke have always been supportive of any decision making regarding future plans but also my personal career aspirations in music. With the hope that COVID will subside, allowing me to perform and release new music, I am very excited for what this year has to offer!

It’s not time to put up the tree and call it a year yet...

DIVE Band Hull Credit: Lucy Tessier

Therefore, with myself and other apprehensive students awaiting Thursday’s results, I would like to wish everyone the best of luck. Writing on behalf of Wyke Sixth Form College ahead of results day, I would also thank my teachers, peers and everyone part of the community for two unforgettable years studying here, as not only have I gained a plethora of knowledge in these disciplines but also a treasure chest of life skills and memories that I will take forward into my adult life.

One thing is for certain in a year of many uncertainties, the class of 2020 will be remembered for generations – that’s one encouraging element of this year and definitely something to tell the grandchildren! During this time, it is important to stay hopeful and look on the positives: we have survived a pandemic, we have mastered our A-levels and BTECs and with all this in mind, let’s conquer results day!