Bradford beautician wants the government to be clear about the future of her industry

Beautician Alison Berry Credit: ITV

Beautician Alison Berry is calling on the government to act quickly and decisively over the future of the beauty industry.

She says her business cannot survive months of not being able to fully open. On top of that her salon is in Clayton in Bradford where extra local restrictions are in place,

Facials and treatments involving the face are still not allowed and were put on hold when the government paused the easing of lockdown restrictions on August 1.

I'm worried that I'll lose my house, I'm worried that I'll lose my business.

Alison Berry, beautician

Alison Berry says her business is Covid-safe but she fears she could lose it.

I've worked so hard to build up my own business, I was proud of myself, but I feel that it's just crumbled around me. It's scary.

A Government spokesperson said:

“We know this is an incredibly difficult time for beauty salons, but reopening services in the highest risk zone is currently postponed to help keep the virus under control. We have made this decision on health grounds as the highest risk of transmission is when people are in prolonged close, face-to-face contact.