Police warnings ahead of Lincolnshire bike and car meet in Willingham

Credit: Lincolnshire Police

Lincolnshire Police say they will be attending Willingham Woods on Saturday evening (22 August) as motorists from across the county gather for a static meet.

The force issued a statement which read: "These events attract many car drivers and motorcyclists who want to enjoy a meet and we're happy to engage and talk about road and vehicle safety along with the best of them. 

"Unfortunately these events also attract drivers and riders who want to spoil the events by showing off, acting in an anti-social manner and generally letting the side down.  

"Our communities suffer with inconsiderate driving and riding and disruption from vehicles on their way to the meet. 

"Also people who wish to use the woods  and cafe for separate reasons have reported finding it an intimidating experience."

Officers patrolling the area will be joined by the Lincolnshire Road Safety camera team to police the roads and say they will "take action where necessary".

Drone teams will also be assisting those on foot with their "eyes in the sky" at Willingham Woods. 

A spokesperson from Lincolnshire Police said: "We will be expecting everyone present to respect social distancing, drive or ride in a safe and legal way.

"We want this event to be safe and will be enforcing where we see anti-social behaviour, including driving or riding. 

"We have powers under the Police Reform Act to issue S59 notices which could lead to vehicles being seized.  If necessary we will also consider using dispersal notices to tackle anti-social behaviour.  

"Where we see vehicles obstructing the highway, racing or general showing off in vehicles and committing road traffic offences we will take action to keep everyone safe. 

"Our drone is really useful for recording evidence of these offences.  

I appeal to anyone thinking of visiting Willingham Woods for this event to consider our local communities as they drive to the area, please respect our rural towns and villages and drive or ride safely. I'm on duty with colleagues from our Roads Police Department, our drone officers and with the safety camera teams. Be mindful of traffic and especially agricultural vehicles which move slowly.

Sgt Pearson, Lincolnshire Police