Crackdown on illegal parking in Bradford

Police in Bradford have launched a fresh crackdown on drivers parking illegally and dangerously.

Bradford South NPT has teamed up with Bradford Council to work together to combat dangerous parking specifically in the Station Road area of Wyke.

Police say they want to advise and educate drivers about parking in the double white line system which blocks the narrow road by the Judy Woods entrance.

Parking here makes the road unsafe for pedestrians, drivers and horse riders who use the road, linking Wyke with Norwood Green.

  • Drivers are being advised that it is an offence under S36 Road Traffic Act 1988 to stop or park in an area where double white lines are present whether solid or broken on your side of the road.

  • These markings are present to prevent parking in the area where the narrow road and tight bends cause visibility issues. There are often children and dogs in the area and may not be seen between parked vehicles which risks collisions, injury or worse.

We are working closely with the council to speak to drivers and repeat offenders to park sensibly and be conscious of the visibility which may be impaired, and help to keep one another safe. Anyone found to be illegally parking will be given a £100 fine and three penalty points.

A/Inspector Kerry Feathers of Bradford South NPT