RSPCA takes in crimson rosella parrot left at bus stop in South Yorkshire village

Credit: The RSPCA

A crimson rosella parrot left in a cage at a bus stop in a South Yorkshire village has been taken in by rescuers from the RSPCA.

The parrot, which is missing a lot of feathers and is almost completely bald across the chest, stomach and legs, was found at a bus stop in the village of Catcliffe near Rotherham last Thursday (20 August). 

A member of the public contacted the RSPCA after spotting the cage which had been left unattended on Main Street.

Credit: The RSPCA

Inspector Kristy Ludlam said: "It is not known if she was left behind there by accident or if she was abandoned. She is missing a lot of feathers and her stomach is almost bald which could possibly be as a result of self-plucking with stress."

Sadly, no owner has come forward for her so the exotics specialist where she is now being cared for will look to rehome her once she’s back to full health.

Inspector Kirsty Ludlam, RSPCA

The parrot, who has been named Princess, is currently undergoing rehabilitation to improve her feather condition. RSPCA staff said she is very tame and very sweet.

The female crimson rosella is native to eastern and south eastern Australia where the birds live in mountain forests and gardens.

  • Anyone with information about what happened to the parrot is urged to contact the inspectorate appeal line on 0300 123 8018.