Deep clean at Leeds Greggs depot after Covid-19 outbreak

The Greggs depot in Leeds where there has been a Covid-19 outbreak
Greggs says it's working with Public Health England Credit: Greggs says it's working with Public Health England

Greggs says it is working with Public Health England to contain an outbreak of Covid-19 at a depot in Leeds.

The bakery company said contact tracing is now taking place after "a number" of staff tested positive at the factory in Bramley.

Lucy Jackson, Leeds City Council’s deputy director of public health, said: “A number of staff recently tested positive for Covid-19 at Greggs’ distribution depot in Leeds.

"Following further testing, more staff have been identified as being positive. This highlights why further testing and contact tracing is so important which Greggs is proactively undertaking.”

A deep clean of the depot is now taking place.

Greggs chief executive Roger Whiteside said “Following a number of our staff testing positive for COVID-19 at our Leeds distribution depot, we have taken immediate action to implement our COVID response plan and we are working closely with Leeds City Council and Public Health England to ensure that we minimise any possible impact on our customers and the wider community in Leeds and the surrounding area.”