Surprise birth of critically endangered piglet at Yorkshire Wildlife Park

Yorkshire Wildlife Park has welcomed the birth of a critically endangered piglet.

The Visayan warty piglet was a surprise arrival for rangers as mum, Trish, showed no signs of being pregnant.

He was born on the 10 July and has been wowing visitors after recently stepping out into the reserve for the first time with his mum, dad and their five other piglets, who were born in 2018. 

The piglet was born on 10 July Credit: Yorkshire Wildlife Park

According to Yorkshire Wildlife Park, the birth of a solitary piglet is very rare, litters of three or four are the normal for this species. 

Greg Clifton, a team leader at the park, said:

Yorkshire Wildlife Park has been working with the EAZA Ex situ programme (EEP) as part of the global conservation for the species as hunting and deforestation is pushing their extinction.Trish and Troy are part of an international programme to support the Visayan Warty Pig - a forest dwelling relative of the pig - which is now extinct in 98 per cent of its former range in the Philippines.

The piglets have stripy coat to help camouflage them while they are young.