Lincolnshire Police target drivers on the A15

Credit: Lincolnshire Police

Officers from Lincolnshire Police will be focussing on the A15 during a national road safety week.

The force are supporting the National Police Chiefs’ Council (NPCC) road safety campaign which aims to target a road or location of high harm for one week.

During this week, Lincolnshire Police will be targeting the A15 which is one of the main arterial routes through the county.

The force have reminded people of the 'Fatal 4', which are the cause of a substantial amount of collisions where people are killed or seriously injured.

The Fatal 4 are inappropriate speed, using a mobile phone, driving or riding while under the influence of drink or drugs and not wearing a seat belt.

As well as targeting these offences, Lincolnshire Police will be enforcing the full range of road traffic offences and will be keeping drivers longer to give their vehicles a full check over.