Parking charges reintroduced at Harrogate District Hospital

Fees at Harrogate District Hospital have returned today after being paused for staff, patients and visitors during the coronavirus pandemic.

With more services and clinics now back up and running at the hospital and a greater need for parking, the decision has been made to put the charges back in place.

A statement from the Harrogate and District NHS Foundation Trust reads:

As more and more of our clinics and services at Harrogate District Hospital are re-established, there is a greater need for parking spaces for patients and visitors. For a few weeks now, we’ve been receiving feedback from patients and visitors who have told us about the challenges they’ve had finding a parking space on site.


It continues:

"Parking has always been a challenge for both patients and colleagues, and there is no easy solution to this. However, we do have to prioritise much of the limited parking we have for patients who need to come to hospital."

From today:

  • There will be car parking charges for patients, visitors, and staff.

  • The car parks will be assigned as they were prior to the pandemic, in particular the top level of the main car park which will revert back to being for patients and visitors, with staff parking no longer permitted there.

  • All staff car parks on site will be available for colleagues with a permit at their usual monthly rate.

The Trust added:

"We know that this will be unwelcome, but we trust you understand the reasons for why we are reintroducing parking charges. Parking at hospitals will always be a challenge and there is never going to be one solution that everyone is happy with. But we have to do this to make parking as stress-free as possible for our patients and visitors, protecting spaces for them; and to make the benefit of staff car parking as fair as possible."

More information can be found here.