Miniature antelope settles into new home at Yorkshire Wildlife Park

Mr Pistachio, the newest and cutest member of the park’s Dik Dik family, is settling into his new surroundings and making new friends at their reserve at the park.  

The doe-eyed youngster has already caused a stir with visitors and other animals as his parents Davos and Crissy enjoy life at the park, at Branton, near Doncaster. 

“He is so cute that people, and animals, stop in their tracks to look at him,” said team leader Ayshea Seaton.  

“He is the latest addition to the family, and everyone is very proud that they are thriving so well here.” 

Credit: Yorkshire Wildlife Park

Dik Diks, which are native to eastern and southern Africa and get their names from their distinctive cries and are tiny members of the antelope family growing to a maximum 16 inches tall and 13lbs in weight. 

Credit: Yorkshire Wildlife Park

Dik Diks inhabit shrubland and thickets, living off a herbivore diet of leaves, shoots, flowers and fruits but are under threat from poachers who sell their bones for jewellery and their hides for suede gloves. 

Credit: Yorkshire Wildlife Park

Yorkshire Wildlife Park is part of a global conservation project to protect their numbers and raise awareness of their plight and the Dik Dik family are part of the park’s mission to introduce new species to visitors and strengthen its acclaimed conservation work. 

The park, which is home to more than 450 animals from 70 different species, is now open to the public with clear safe distancing marking around its five kilometres of pathways and wide-ranging safety precautions.