Campaigners call for 'Zach's Law' to target internet trolls

A nine-year-old boy from Liversedge has inspired a campaign for "Zach's Law" to put an end to online abuse.

Zach Eagling, who has cerebral palsy and epilepsy, was targeted by internet trolls during a marathon fund-raising walk in the summer.

His mother was sent flashing and strobing images on social media aimed at prompting a seizure in her son.

Zach himself vowed not to let the bullies win and went on to walk 2.6km unaided before his ninth birthday, raising £12,000 for charity.

This week he and others supported by the Epilepsy Society spoke to MPs and civil servants online as they called for a change in the law.

What we are campaigning for is to help the entire community of people that have epilepsy. Social media should be to help these communities. It should not enable bullies and keyboard warriors to attack these communities.

Clair Keer, Zach's mother