Council leaders in Leeds issue 'tier-3' Covid warning

Council leaders in Leeds are warning that the city is on a watchlist to go into the most severe government restrictions.

Tier three high risk status could mean that bars and other businesses would be forced to close. This morning Leeds had infection rates of 422 per 100,000 people, which is the highest in West Yorkshire. 

Council leaders say they believe the Government's preference would be for more regions to follow the Liverpool City Region into Tier 3.

They say discussions with the Government are continuing and they will be looking for an extra package of support for businesses in the city.

During a media briefing, council leaders said the number of cases was rising across the city with the number of positive cases in hospitals doubling in the last week.

Council chief executive Tom Riordan said it was a "really pivotal moment' for the city.

Council leader Judith Blake told the media briefing the council was to have further discussions with the Government

I think the preference from Number 10 would be for more areas to go into Tier 3 but we need to have a much better understanding of the full implications of moving into Tier 3, what impact that will have on the wider economy and, most importantly, how much will going into Tier 3 help us to get the numbers down and to stop the spread of the infection

Council leader Judith Blake