Vulnerable people shielding due to Covid-19 fears say they feel abandoned

People who were told to shield at the start of the pandemic, because their health makes them extremely vulnerable to Covid-19, have told ITV News Calendar that they feel like they have been abandoned.

Ricky Moate from Sheffield was saved by a bowel transplant two years ago. He feels there is little guidance now, even though the risks are greater.

Meanwhile, Keisha Meek, 28, who is from West Yorkshire and has a severe form of endometriosis is calling for better protection for people like her.

The government has issued new guidance for people who were shielding at the start of the pandemic in March.

In a statement the Department of Health and Social Care said their advice is more targeted and will only apply in some of the worst affected areas.

However, charities are calling for more support. Genevieve Edwards from Bowel Cancer UK said people are being asked to choose between their health and livelihoods.

I think people should be in a position to do what is right for them, but at the same time the government needs to be there with a package of support for people who are clinically, extremely vulnerable

Genevieve Edwards, Bowel Cancer UK